Welcome to the Life Science Women’s Network FAQ. Please click on the questions below to reveal or hide their answers. If you’re looking for more information regarding our memberships, please visit our memberships page.

What is the Life Science Women’s Network?

The LSWN serves as a conduit between women who are engaged at the highest level of the Life Science profession and linked together seamlessly through a chain that includes entry level women and students. The LSWN culture is one of mentor-ship, connectivity, collaboration and respect.​

LSWN members interact online and in person through a variety of electronic media interactions and in person events, such as conferences, local seminars, luncheons and networking activities.

Our professional support network encourages collaboration of new ideas among its members outside of your own company.  We provide a forum for women to share ideas and develop new ways to improve the industry.​

Is this connected to the Life Science Women’s Conference?

While the Life Science Women’s Network is a grassroots efforts born from the conference, it stands independently as a separate organization. Both were founded by Patti Rossman and Steve Fiske to encourage collaboration and professional growth between life science women.

What email should I use to sign up?

Please use any email you’d like. If you’re opting in to our member directory, please use an email you’re comfortable sharing with other members.

How do I access the ROUND TABLE TALKS?

Once you become a member, you’ll have access to our weekly ROUND TABLE TALKs. These virtual calls require you to have the GoToMeeting software downloaded to your computer (or app to your phone).

Invitation links can be accessed via your member portal under “ROUND TABLE TALKs”.

When do the TALKs take place?

Our bi-weekly talks generally take place virtually on Thursdays from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. ET. Please login and check our “events” page for advanced notice of scheduled calls and other events.

Do I have to attend meetings?

Not at all! Our members live in various geographic areas, and though we’d love for you to attend, we understand that there are conflicts. Luckily, we often connect online, and aim to be as accessible as possible.

Additionally, we will have periodic opportunities in areas where we have significant numbers of members to attend voluntary events, like networking lunches, or evening networking.

How much does a LSWN  membership cost?

Founding Members pay only $150, and Student Members only $50, annually.

I work in a large company. Is there a discount for signing up numerous members?

We have sponsorships available for companies like yours which include multiple memberships. Please reach out to [email protected] and we’d be happy to help.

Will my membership give me access to other members?

Each membership allows access to our member directory. As a member, you have the choice to opt in or out at sign-up.

Please reach out to us at [email protected] if you’d like your name and email removed or added from the directory.

Do members get any discounts to the annual conference?

Yes!  We have special discount rates for members who wish to attend the annual Life Science Women’s Conference, as well participate in or attend in our virtual programs. These programs include seminars, webinars, and more.

Why should I join?

There are several reasons why anyone who works in or supports women in life science should join. As a member of the LSWN, you’ll be able to:

  • Gain a competitive edge​.
  • Take advantage of unparalleled networking opportunities​.
  • Enhance your resumé.
  • Show your support for women in the life sciences;.
  • Find or be a mentor.
  • Connect with peers and industry leaders.

…and much more!

What are some of the additional benefits of having a membership?

As a member of the LSWN, you’ll receive various benefits. Depending on the membership you choose, these may include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Discounts to events such as our annual Conference, online seminars, webinars, video conferences and online discussions​.
  • Free advice on many issues from other members on our newsletter​.
  • Price sourcing leads. ​
  • Access to jobs and career development periodic job postings​, when available.
  • Latest industry knowledge affecting women.​
  • Those taking advantage of our general online meetings, seminars, conferences, online networking events and informative sessions will grow their knowledge.

The LSWN provides opportunities to stay up to date on the newest trends, legislation affecting women in life science, and advances in technology. This will enhance one’s business profile, showing your clients, customers, and employers that you’re committed to the profession.

I’m still undecided!

We understand! We know that our core members are extremely busy and may be unable to attend our national conference or stay up to date on LSWN journals, articles, networking and content. Nonetheless, we encourage you to join, anyway!

As a member, the Life Science Women’s Network is your professional “home.” It’s the place where life science women professionals from all over the globe will come to know each other and support one another. There’s nothing quite like sharing in the excitement of learning with others who share the challenges and joys of life science work.  

There’s nothing quite as supportive as a group of professional women who have “been there and done that”. Here, you’ll be exchanging ideas and experiences with one another. You’ll be there for the young professionals following the road previously paved by life science women.

There is strength in numbers and your voice will make it easier for life science women to be heard.​

What do you mean by “wear the pin”?

The Life Science Membership pin is one way you can let people know that you are a life science professional.  It’s original “dancing DNA” design was created with all of us in mind. It is an attention getter, and sure to help our members be recognized for the extraordinary work that they do. It makes it easy for all of us to recognize other members. Wear it proudly! ​

I don’t identify as a woman. Am I welcome to join?

Absolutely! While we are a women-driven, women-centered network, we encourage any interested life science professional to reach out and see if the network would benefit you. We can be reached at [email protected]

Our dancing DNA logo, complimenting the FAQ page.

If your question isn’t answered on this FAQ, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].